Thursday, May 31, 2012

Au Revoir Elementary School!

 Today I have left Elementary school and I most likely won't miss it. Even though I didn't want to awake this morning and go to my last day of school and my mom styled me by her likings, I had a lovely time. I am honored to say that I co-wrote and gave the exitting fifth grade speech and was glad that this was the last time I would see the faces of those who mistreated me for being myself.

Today I recieved :

  • 9 Paper Awards

  1. Reading Award
  2. Mathematics Award
  3. Science Award
  4. Excellence(citizenship) Award
  5. Mail System Leadership Award - Nixie Clerk
  6. Mail System Leadership Award - Canceller(promotion)
  7. Hall Monitor's Award
  8. Most Intelligent
  9. Class Favorite
  • 3 pins

  1. A Honor Roll
  2. E.Y.E.(Engaging Youth in Engineering) Club
  3. President's Award
  • 2 Medals

  1. Science
  2. Medal of Participation
  • 1 Trophy

  1. Perfect Attendence
  • 1 Plaque

  1. Special Recognition

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thrift Shops are Not Working For Me at the Moment

   I've been doing my research on some lovely blogs and I now know that thrift stores are really handy for finding some great items for a spooky style. Unfortunately, my mom doesn't like to take the time and wait for me as I search through thrift stores. I end up having no ride to my favorite thrift stores. Fortunately, I can find cool things in department stores, it just takes a little more time an effort. Although time an effort is a small price to pay for the perfect wardrobe. Unfortunately, it's about the only price I can actually pay. A lot of younger goths (like me)don't have money for quality goth clothing.
  For accessories I sometimes shop at Claires. It seems they have failed to open up to many goths as they have attempted to do.

Here are some things I found at Claires that I wouldn't mind wearing. It's sad that they have only that one choker.
Heart and Lace Choker

Talk About Toxic Earrings

White Lace Fingerless Gloves

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Goth Day

A sight I came upon on my walk
   Welcome to The Bat Cave. Our topic today is yesterday, May 22nd. We should all know that yesterday was, World Goth Day!!!  I am so thankful for yesterday for it is what gave me the motives to blog. My day was fine. My artclass was shortened so I had less time on my painting and pasting. We almost never get to paint in past in the same day, so I was happy . I also had a lovely evening, dressing up and having alone time. I would have liked to have friends in the neighborhood though.

 A  ring and a lace ribbon as a collar

My favorite dress

My lovely(and rushed) artwork in art class