Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm a Closet Goth

      Most of the time when people find out I'm a goth they are so surprised. That is because in real life I don't really like to talk about my darker interests. I get paranoid when many people find out that I am goth because there is so many discrimination going around. There are already so many crimes being done to goths and hate sites set up that I get scared. Maybe this is because I am only a child.
       Paranoia isn't the only reason I am a closet goth. It is much easier at the moment. I don't find myself having as many fights with my parents because I'm "out of my phase" and I don't have to explain my interests all the time. Anyway, I have a uniform at school so I only need a few darkish outfits for thrifting and library days. Sometimes I can't help but feel like dressing up and just staying home.
      Maybe someday I'll come out my closet goth lifestyle and people putside of the internet will see my dark charm.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Bad Thing About Being Goth Around Halloween

 Most of us know that Halloween is less than 2 weeks away, but is this a good thing. Halloween is a time where you can be spooky without being judged. But, are you really not beinging judged.  Surely, stereotypes don't just dissolve into space; in fact, more come around. "Gothic" costumes are all over the place in my town. I've heard some goths have the problem of people saying that their very expensive and time consuming outfits were called costumes.The following are examples of costumes titled with the word goth.

These costumes are obviously not for a normal day of being a person but, HALLOWEEN. I do find it annoying that to some people this is what we look like all the time, but that is how it will be for a very long time. Who wants to dress up like a goth for Halloween anyway? We are just normal people. Don't let silly costumes ruin your spirit. Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

"So like, you're one of those goth people?"

 Hello again. I am back from my odd disapperance from the the internet. As you may know, school has begun again and your first year of middle school isn't the most pleasent time in one's life. Due to it being October, I will have more to post.
 Anywho, I have been in school for about 3 months and Friday was my picture day. I was minding my own buisiness when 5 girls started crowding around me. One of them asked "So like, you're on of those goth people?" When I said yes there was an awkward silence then she said that I was too happy to be a goth.
 This really disturbed me. It's just rediculous how I have to be sad and depressed to be goth. I blame television for this.

an episode on disney where to kids act "goth"