Sunday, October 7, 2012

"So like, you're one of those goth people?"

 Hello again. I am back from my odd disapperance from the the internet. As you may know, school has begun again and your first year of middle school isn't the most pleasent time in one's life. Due to it being October, I will have more to post.
 Anywho, I have been in school for about 3 months and Friday was my picture day. I was minding my own buisiness when 5 girls started crowding around me. One of them asked "So like, you're on of those goth people?" When I said yes there was an awkward silence then she said that I was too happy to be a goth.
 This really disturbed me. It's just rediculous how I have to be sad and depressed to be goth. I blame television for this.

an episode on disney where to kids act "goth"

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