Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wing to Wing: Creativity With Dress Codes

  Greetings! Today I had a motive to write my first advice post. School is soon aproaching and some baby bats may be having some trouble with there dress codes. I have spent a small amout of time reviewing my dress code and I have noticed a few loop holes in it that are easy to get around.


My Dress Code's Loop Holes

        = Quoted from my uniform code

  • "No students are to have any unusual or unnatural hair colors." This rule is a giant pain if you love how the color purple looks on your head. I  have gotten around this rule many times. The automatic color that came to mind was black, but I tried colors like white and grey, that are technicaly natural colors. Also, I had black hair with white and gray streaks instead of solid colors.
  • "No students are to have unusual hair styles." This rule depends on what your school considers unusual. Mostly it means no mohawks, spikes or sidecuts. I usualy have bangs or slightly big and messy hair, but a way to immitate a side cut look is to braid, twist or gel/slick down the area where you would have cut you hair. 
  • "No students are to have any visable peircings exept on the ear." This rule never say how many peircings you can have, so go on and get an extra peircing.
  • "Students are to only wear predominately black or white tennis shoes. Exeptions depend on occasion." This one doesn't bother me much considering that there are tons of black tennis shoes out there like these creeper-like sneakers and these studded sneakers. 

Other Ways to Show Creativity


  Your Body

If you are a male don't exclude yourself from any of these listings.

  •  Make up is a great way to show creativity. Simply some dark eyeshadow will do for those not allowed to do much with makeup or wear very much. Possibilities are endless or at least too much to enter here. 
  • Nail art is one of my favorite things to do every Saturday. I usally glue some eyeballs or paint cobwebs and spiders.
  • Temporary tattoos or body art are usually forgotten in my dress codes. I usually have small ones around my hands that I paint myself.

Your Material Items

  • For notebooks, try to get the ones with tranparency film pockets in front. this way you can insert artwork in. If you can't find any, draw or paint on the  front or back (if allowed).
  • On pencil pouches and backpacks sew, paint or iron on decals pictures or whatever you want.
  • Find odd backpacks. There are weird shaped backpacks such as coffins, but I have found that many of these odd shaped backpacks don't offer much space. Some designers actually offer nice artwork already on their backpacks. There are some nice backpacks in this post from The Everyday Goth.

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