Monday, June 4, 2012

Claire's Finds!

Today I was poking around in Claires and I found some of the items that I wanted online. I could have just bought them online, but who likes shipping fees?
  1.   The item I loved most was the "Talk About Toxic" earrings. I searched the rack until I finally found them in the back on the floor. I am lucky they are in good shape, but I am dissapointed that they contain glitter.
  2.   Next to the best is a "Material Girl Headband." I like it because I love hats, but sometimes it gets a little hot outside. I end up having to take my hat off to continue living.

  3.   The third item was supposed to be a " White Lace Fingerless Glove". The best thing is when I came in they had it in black. I like the black because it can go with more in my wardorobe. The bad thing is the black one isn't listed online.


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