Friday, June 8, 2012

Red & Black Week

 Hello to the 5 people that came across this blog. Today I am very glad to be paricipating in Sophistique Noir's Red & Black Week.  I think that she looks very lovely today, as always. I decided to wear a black pants, a red tank top, my lace sleeved vest, and a red clutch. I pretty much got dressed up, after a hard day of shopping to find these items, just to post a picture. It was worth the work though. Enjoy the rest of your Red & Black Week!


  1. I love trying on new clothes as soon as I get home :) Great outfit, I love the lace vest.

    I like the background on your blog too, stripes is one of my favourite patterns.

  2. Great outfit! I like that lace vest. There are so many things to wear it with. I like it with red, of course :)

  3. Love that overlay! It's very pretty. ^^